About Us


The Company

AMACOR TRADING INTERNATIONAL INC. is a wholly-owned Filipino company based in the Philippines. We primarily engage in the exclusive manufacturing of Safety Apparel and marketing of high quality Safety products and vital services. Our main clientele are multi platform industrial establishments and shipping companies, and other related businesses from diverse industries.

Throughout our years of operation, we have aimed to establish solid business practices that gained for us a reputation of being a professional organization. In the process, we have unanimously acquired trust and confidence of all our clients – both well-known international industrial corporations and the small independent contractors. We are largely admired for our consistent and reliable supply of products and services.

Our efficient network of manufacturing and marketing channels supply industrial firms worldwide with quality uniforms such us boiler suits/coveralls, winter jackets, parka jackets, long john, safety shoes/boots, gloves, raincoat, hard hats/caps and rain boots among others.